2017 VFC Provider Enrollment

What to expect  Click Here for Detailed Instructions
Enrollment will be due no later than 05/26/2017.
The system will guide you through several steps to collect information necessary to complete enrollment. You may logout at any time after completing a step. Be sure to complete the step you are on before logging out to save the information you entered. When you log back in, the system will prompt you to continue where you left off.
Information Collected During Enrollment
Clinic’s Physical Location
Shipping Address
Medical Director or other Prescribing Provider
  1. Medical Director
  2. Please note: The CDC 2018 VFC Training Modules are not required for the Medical Director, they are optional. Selecting “no” when declaring completion of the modules is acceptable.
    VFC Vaccine Coordinators – You will need to provide the following information about these individuals:
  3. Primary Vaccine Coordinator
  4. Backup Vaccine Coordinator
  5. Facility Information
  6. Approved Vaccine Delivery Times
  7. Vaccine Profile – Population Served by this clinic
  8. Type of Data Used to Determine Provider Population
  9. Provide the following information for all prescribing providers in the clinic:
    1. Name (Last, First)
    2. Title
    3. Specialty
    4. Medical License
    5. Medicaid or National Provider Identification Number
    6. Tax ID (EIN – this is optional)
The system will automatically validate NPI numbers. If a NPI number you enter is invalid the system will throw a warning.
Enrollment Submission Method
Sign the 2018 VFC Provider Agreement using the electronic signature feature. The enrollment will automatically take you to the electronic signature page when all of the information listed above has been entered.
After signing the 2018 VFC Provider Agreement electronically, select the Submit box just below the electronic signature line. Selecting Submit will automatically send your 2018 VFC Enrollment to the Kansas Immunization Program to review and approve. You will be notified when your 2018 VFC Enrollment has been approved or if changes need to be made.
What to Expect After
You will be notified by email when your re-enrollment has been approved or if changes need to be made.
All new Primary and Backup VFC Vaccine Coordinators will need to register for access to KSWebIZ as each VFC Vaccine Coordinator is required to have training and access to KSWebIZ to submit monthly VFC reports and orders.
New Primary and Backup VFC Vaccine Coordinators can proceed with registering for KSWebIZ by visiting https://kanphix.kdhe.state.ks.us.
Enrollment Questions
  1. Questions about your 2018 VFC Enrollment should be directed to your VFC Regional Nurse.
  2. You may also submit a Support Ticket in IV-4 by selecting the Help Desk tab.

If you do not have an IV4 account START HERE!